Transfer Criteria

Your request must meet one of the following requirements for transfer. Please select the appropriate reason for requesting change in school placement.

A request for an exception to a student assignment may be approved by the superintendent or his/her designee when the school capacity and program of the requested placement can accommodate the request and when one of the following conditions exists:

Concluding Grade

Students who qualify for the highest grade placement in their respective schools and who change legal residence within Spartanburg School District Two shall be permitted to attend their last year in the school in which they were legally enrolled at the end of the preceding school year with administrative approval.

Family Relocation

The family has moved or will move from one attendance zone to another during the course of a school year or can demonstrate definite plans to do so prior to the beginning of a new school year. Proof of residence purchase, rental or lease agreement, or other appropriate documentation must be provided. The request may be to allow completion of the year at the current school or to begin the new year at the new school prior to actual relocation.

Child Care

The family demonstrates unreasonable hardship and provides evidence that constant concern exists due to unavailability of after school care in reasonable proximity to the school and that a more appropriate childcare placement is available at another school location.

Social or Emotional Adjustment

The family or school personnel, after consideration of reports from professional counsel, requests that a pupil be placed in a different school for reasons of social or emotional adjustment. The parent shall provide documentation of ongoing professional counsel.

Child of School Employee

The student is the child of a school employee and the request is to place the child in the school where the parent is employed or in the school with the appropriate grade level nearest the employee’s work location.
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