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We hope that you and your family will enjoy reading White Fur Flying together. Please follow the calendar and read or listen to a chapter each night. Use the discussion questions below as a guide to explore what you have read.

See if you can guess who the Celebrity Reader is for each chapter!


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White Fur Flying Trivia Questions

 CLICK HERE for Chapter One

  • What does Alice's mother Rescue? 
  • Why would the book be titled, 'White Fur Flying?"
  • Which family would you rather live with --- Zoe's and Alice’s family or the “new neighbors”? Why?


CLICK HERE for Chapter Two

  • What does Alice's dad do for a living?
  • What does he rescue and bring home?
  • Why do mama and Zoe feel sorry for Phillip ? 
  • Who doesn't speak in the story ? 
  • How are the two families in the story different? 

CLICK HERE for Chapter 3

  • Who got adopted by a family that lives in the country with a big pond?
  • How do Phillip's new neighbors react to him? 
  • how is May being adopted both happy and sad?
  • What do the italicized words on page 19 represent?

CLICK HERE for Chapter 4

  • Do you think Phillip likes being at Alice's House? What makes you think that?
  • It could be said that Alice talks too much. Why might this be a good thing when she is with Phillip?
  • What does the musical sound of Phillip's laughter remind Zoe of?
  • How does Alice imagine dinner at Phillip's house would be like?

CLICK HERE for Chapter 5

  • What is unique about the people that adopted May?
  • How is Alice feeling when May is adopted? How do you know?
  • Why do you think Kodi climbs in the bed at the end of the chapter?

CLICK HERE for Chapter 6

  • Who does Phillip speak to in this chapter?
  • How does Mama describe Kodi? Why?
  • What is the name of Alice's poem she is writing in her journal? 
  • How can you tell Mrs. Croft is beginning to change?

CLICK HERE for Chapter 7

  • What is Mrs. Croft's first name?
  • Why did mama often bring Kodi along when she went to pick up new dogs?
  • Why did she leave Kodi behind this time?
  • Why did mam tell the girls to make sure everything was up off the floor?

CLICK HERE for Chapter 8

  • How did Lena learn the word "cow"?
  • Why did Zoe and Alice wait quietly and let the new dogs approach them?
  • How did Jack show he was being submissive?
  • What does Phillip do when he meets Jack?
  • Who ends up in Zoe's bed at the end of the chapter?

CLICK HERE for Chapter 9

  • How does Mrs. Croft feel about new dogs? 
  • What does it mean when Alice says it's like Mrs. Croft has "missed too many days of school"?
  • What life changing event do you predict will happen in Chapter 10?

CLICK HERE for Chapter 10

  • What wakes Zoe up ?
  • Who has gone missing? 
  • What is Zoe's responsibility after the emergency?
  • Where does daddy go?

CLICK HERE for Chapter 11

  • What is Mrs. Croft feeling guilty about?
  • What does Zoe bring wit her on her search? what do you think each item is for?

CLICK HERE for Chapter 12

  • Where does Zoe got to search for Phillip?
  • What kinds of clues does she find in the barn ?
  • What were Jack and Phillip doing when Zoe discovered them?
  • How does Jack react to Zoe? How does that show what he's feeling?

CLICK HERE for Chapter 13

  • What were Phillip and Jack doing at the beginning of the chapter?
  • What are the first words Phillip says?
  • Why does Zoe choose to not say "Phillip you're talking?"
  • How do you think Phillip knew that Zoe and her mother would search everything for them ? 

CLICK HERE for Chapter 14

  • Why does Phillip think Jack is a hero?
  • Zoe doesn't remember crossing tow of the dirt roads. What might that be?
  • Why were the police cars at Cassidy's house?
  • What did you find surprising in this chapter?

CLICK HERE for Chapter 15

  • Why did the Cassidy family need quiet time?
  • How did Jack turn out differently than mom expected him ? 
  • what is Alice's poem about?
  • What did Lena say at the end of the chapter?

CLICK HERE for Chapter 16:

  • Who does daddy call the "real spy"?
  • Who does Alice think is the real hero? Why?
  • How does Mr. Croft's profession explain his personality?
  • “Things change. Things don’t change...You can’t know.” What does that mean?
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