Spartanburg Two Instructional Vision 

The heart and center of our Instructional Vision is the focus on the whole child while providing high-quality, scaffolded, and differentiated instruction. The goal is for all learners to have access to and opportunities for mastery of the SC College and Career Ready Standards. We operationalize this vision through a three-pronged approach: Teaching and Learning Teams (TLTs), Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS), and Research-BasedD2 Students in Class instruction.

Our work is deeply informed by the research of esteemed educator John Hattie, who has synthesized decades of research and thousands of meta-analyses on the instructional influences that significantly impact student learning. Influences with an average effect size of .40 support students in gaining one year’s worth of learning in one year. Our Instructional Vision empowers teachers and students to implement the tenets of some of the most impactful influences on student learning, such as Teacher Clarity (.84 effect size – doubling the learning rate) and Collective Teacher Efficacy (1.34 effect size – tripling the learning rate).

Our Instructional Vision is not just a statement but a collective commitment to high-quality education. With a compelling Purpose (Vision), dedicated People (teachers, students, administrators, parents, community), research-proven, high-impact Processes (TLTs, MTSS, Research-Proven Practices), and the highest quality Partners and Programs supporting our vision, we are witnessing a remarkable acceleration in student learning across our entire system: a testament to the power of collaboration and shared responsibility in achieving our common goal of high-quality education for all!
Our Instructional Vision
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